Canon Pixma MX892 – How To Unclog A Printer Cart

Canon Pixma MX892 Printer Cart Problem

I had to replace my printer carts on my Canon Pixma MX 892 printer and loaded in several new carts.

I got the carts on Amazon and when I went to print in color the output was awful.

Black and white was fine, it was the color that had a problem.

So I looked for a solution by looking for some diagnostics for the printer.

I went to my printer preferences and selected the printer from the printers options.

I have a Canon MX892. The printer shows up as a Canon MX890 series as an icon, but I have the 892.

You’ll get an “Option and Supplies” button to click. Click and you’ll go to a dialog box that has a nav bar.

On the nav bar you’ll click the “utility” tab and that takes you to a series of tests you can run on the printer.

Each test is icon driven and the very first one is the one that will unclog your carts.

I ran three out of four tests and then printed test pages that confirmed and fixed that my magenta cart was clogged and then fixed.

The process takes about 20 minutes to run all the tests and see if the problem is resolved.

But it worked for me and all is well in the land of printing documents.

Take a look at the video if you have the same problem and it should help you out to get to your fix.

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