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iGoogle Homepage Configuration

iGoogle Homepage Configuration


How to Configure Your Home Page to Hide Live Chat and Open a New Window

I had an irritating problem with my iGoogle homepage.

When I would log in I would get this ping and my freindfeed chat box would pop in.

I would close it but it might reappear at any moment or if I left and would log in again.

So I did some clicking and finally figured out where to find the link for iGoogle settings which I clicked.

Once in my iGoogle back office I found a button defaulting to open the chat feed.

I then selected the button to hide the chat feed and while I was at it I checked the box for opening a new window when clicking links in my iGoogle homepage.

I then looked for and found a save button and voila, the problem was solved.

Take a look at the video and you’ll see how to take care of this irritation if you have this problem.

And that’s it.

Stay with it, stay well and may your travels be prosperous.