How To Find The YouTube Inbox Part 4

How To Find The YouTube Inbox Part 4

I just added one more video to the YouTube Inbox series How to find your Inbox.

This one shows how to add Greasemonkey to Firefox or TamperMonkey to Chrome.

These are extensions that let you add code to your browser in order to add functionality.

In this case you are going to add code that will insert the YouTube Inbox tab to the right sidebar of your Homepage.

Remember you want to log into your account before you add these extensions.

Once you have added the extensions, you want to go to  and in the search box in the right sidebar, you want to type in YouTube Inbox.

This will take you to a page of results and in the middle of the lest you’ll find a link for YouTube Inbox.

Click the link and look for a green button that says Install. Click it.

That installs the code into the browser.

Refresh and you should see a Inbox tab appear in the left sidebar of your Homepage. (Remember you want to logged into your account.)

And there you have it. One more way to get to your inbox.

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