How To Scale An Image in WordPress

Resize Your Images For Speed

How to scale an image in WordPress? It’s Easy.

With all the talk about load times I figured out how to scale an image in WordPress while uploading some content to my website.

As I played with the media library upload I noticed a an “edit image” button and clicked it.

It came up with a new screen that had a scale image link in red. Once you click that a drop down reveals the image size in pixels and lets you change the values in the boxes.

Once you’ve selected the size you want, you click the blue “scale” button and voila. You have sized the image to a smaller and faster load dimension.

If you have lots of images and feature images all this loading can slow things down so every little thing helps.

This new feature is something WordPress 3.4.2 offers so take advantage of it.

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Hey, Claude Pelanne here, Affiliate Starting Line. Welcome. This is going to be a video on how to scale an image from within your WordPress Media Library screen. So, what am I talking about? Well, when you add pictures to your . . . I’m in back office here, a dashboard of my website, and I come down to Media, My Library, I want to add a new picture.

So I’m going to select a picture, and I’m going to pick this one. So this is an image that I’m bringing from my computer. So I’m going to name this image, fill in the requisite information first, once I’ve loaded it up. So here it is. So I’m going to name this. This is “Orchard Street New York City.” It’s Lower Manhattan and just took a picture of building frontage.

Okay, and now that I’ve named it, there’s also another thing I can do here. See Edit Image? I’m going to edit this image. Now, I want to scale it. So I’m going to click Scale. Now this dimension of this picture right now, it’s 4272 x 2848 pixels, and I’m going to scale it down to 300 x 200. I’m going to click Scale. So I’ve taken this image down to – I’m going to click here, Save All Changes – from a larger file size to a smaller size, and that’s going to allow for it to load quickly and to make sure that my loading time on my website is optimized.

So that’s a new feature here under the Media tab. Add New, when you go to edit your image, you’ll be offered the ability to scale the image. If you click Scale, and then you can set to whatever you want. If you wanted a smaller file size, you can go 80 by whatever. It will scale, and then you can already restore the original image as it was. So you can crop.

There are a lot of things you can do to that image from within the dashboard, and that’s a new feature. So I thought I’d point that out, and that’s it. I hope this video has been helpful. This is Claude Pelanne from Affiliate Starting Line. Stay with it, stay well, and we’ll talk to you soon.