iMovie Tutorial – How To Use iMovie User Interface

iMovie User Interface

The iMovie user interface can be confusing when you first see it.

So I made this video to break down the different quadrants and what function they perform.

You’ll see that you have your top 2 navigation bars that I show you in the first video tutorial of this series.

Then you have the left hand side bar where you can move to the different options within iMovie.

If you are editing the sidebar will offer certain features in the bottom left that enhance your editing.

And then you have your browser area, your display screen in the upper portion of the iMovie interface and finally your editing area in the bottom half of the screen where you timeline and clips display for editing.

This is also the same area where photos, events, projects and libraries will display their content when selected.

Anyway the video makes this easier to understand so have a look and enjoy.

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